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Manitou Beach, Michigan                                   Ceramic Sculpture, Ceramic Vessels, Metal Sculpture, Fine Woodworking


Divided Circle Template Generator
An Excel spreadsheet that generates printable layout templates for dividing a circle into any given number of equal segments.

Pot Volume, Size, & Weight Calculator
An Excel spreadsheet that calculates the volume of a fired, cylindrical vessel of any given size, the required wet dimensions to achieve the stated fired size, and an approximation of the amount of clay required to throw the form.


Maker of Cool Stuff
Cover feature on yours truly, from the Spring 2013 issue of Lenawee Magazine.  More stuff about me than you would ever want to know!

It’s all been done before...
The full text of my article from Ceramics Monthly, April, 2010

Clayart Bibliography
A list (in spreadsheet form) of the most popular ceramics books.  Results of a survey amongst the members of the Clayart online discussion group, sorted alphabetically.

Clayart Bibliography by popularity
A list (in spreadsheet form) of the most popular ceramics books.  Results of a survey amongst the members of the Clayart online discussion group, sorted by popularity.

Clayart Bibliography Read Me File
An explanation of the Clayart Bibliography, including theory and methodology.

Clays and Shales of Michigan
An extremely interesting and informative historic book (in .pdf format) on the mining and processing, as well as the physical and chemical properties of the various clays, shales, and ceramic minerals found in Michigan (and elsewhere).  Published in 1924 as part of the Annual Report of the State of Michigan Geological Survey Division.  This fully searchable document includes many photographs.

American Impressions - Bernard Leach
Leach’s opinions on the American ceramics field.  Published in Craft Horizons magazine, Winter, 1950, pages 18-20.

Open Letter to Bernard Leach - Marguerite Wildenhain
Wildenhain’s response to Leach’s American Impressions.

Super-Happy Guitar Time
OK, so this has nothing to do with ceramics.  It is one of my son’s songs, written and recorded when he was about 15.  It always makes me smile, so I thought I would share it.  His newer work is more sophisticated, but this one is still my favorite.

Eric’s New Album
Download Eric’s new album.  Free!  Not sure how to classify it; instrumental, with sort of a techno/electronic/experimental theme, but with occasional classical flavor and Big Band-like arrangements, if that even makes any sense.  In any case, it is really great stuff.  I guess that year of piano lessons paid off!  Listen all you want, but no commercial use without Eric’s express written permission (which I am sure he will happily grant!).

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My Flickr Page
Link to my page on Flickr.  Some duplication with this site, but also where I post new photos, experimental pieces, and other interesting tidbits.

John Post’s Cone 6 Glaze Explorations
John’s site is a treasure trove of great information on cone 6 glazes.  He provides recipes, as well as photos of all of his glazes and glaze combinations.  He also has great information on glaze formulation using Currie Grids.  John is an exceptional K-12 art teacher, and has links on his site to his teaching videos on Youtube.