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Manitou Beach, Michigan                                   Ceramic Sculpture, Ceramic Vessels, Metal Sculpture, Fine Woodworking


Eric’s new album, entitled Censored, plus some bonus tracks:

(Click on a song to download it)

Justin Freeman - Sound Check - Original Art

Track 01:  Welcome

Track 02:  Wired

Track 03:  Punk Bitch Ripoff

Track 04:  Electro-Punk

Track 05:  Poppin’ Bottles

Track 06:  Accoustic

Track 07:  Piano Song

Track 08:  IDK

Track 09:  Chill

Track 10:  Classical and Techno

Track 11:  Equilibrium

Track 12:  Stalagtizzight

Track 13:  Robot

Track 14:  Generic Crappy Club Song

Track 15:  Mild and Good Tasting

Track 16:  Woah (Bonus Track)

Track 17:  Where the party at? (Bonus Track)

Track 18:  Technotic Vibe (Bonus Track)

Track 19:  Pixilated Real Life (Bonus Track)

Track 20:  Zelba (Bonus Track)

Track 21:  Guitar and Violin (Bonus Track)

Track 22:  Happy Piano Song (Bonus Track)